South American Gemini Data Workshop
São José dos Campos, Brazil, October 27-30, 2011.


The registration is now closed.

A registration fee of R$ 40.00 (US$ 1.00 ~ R$ 1.60) will be charged to all participants and must be paid in cash at the conference registration desk at the beginning of the event. Credit cards, personal cheques and traveler's cheques are not accepted.

Application for financial support:
If you wish to apply for financial support, please select this option in the registration form below and include a brief justification. The decision on who will receive financial support will be announced by September 20, 2011 by e-mail. For undergraduate students of Brazilian institutions it is also required a reference letter from his/her supervisor. The reference letter has to be sent by e-mail to sagdw (at) before August 31, 2011 .

Hotel Reservation:
The LOC will make reservation for all participants staying at the conference hotel (Faro Hotel). Please download the Reservation and the Credit Card Authorization Forms and send them duly completed to sagdw(at) until August 31, 2011 to warrant your reservation.
Your hotel expenses will be charged at the hotel check out - only credit cards and cash are accepted (personal cheques and traveler's cheques are not accepted). 

Rates at Faro Hotel for our workshop will be:

Standard Room single/double: R$185,00 (~US$115) / R$142,50 (~US$89) per person
Superior Room single/double: R$204,00 (~US$127) / R$154,00 (~US$96) per person

Values in Dollars (US$) are shown for reference only and may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of the Workshop. The daily rates include two meals (breakfast and lunch), welcome reception (evening of October 26, 2011), and coffee breaks. 

The LOC has blocked Standard and Superior rooms but the Faro Hotel also has other types of rooms at higher rates. If you prefer to book any other type of room, please contact us by email to check availability.

Cancellation Policy: Changes in the arriving and departure dates in the hotel, as well as cancellation of hotel booking must be communicated no later than October 10, 2011 .

Laptop Computers with Gemini IRAF Software:
The invited speakers will promote practical lessons of data reduction and for this reason it is necessary that all participants bring their own laptop computers with IRAF Version 2.14.1, the Gemini package Version 1.10 and the associated external packages. You may find instructions on installing the required Gemini IRAF Sofware at the Gemini Data Processing Software webpages and also at the NOAO Gemini Data Workshop webpage. If you need help, please contact us at sagdw(at)

Poster Presentations:
Presentations are not a requirement to attend this meeting, but for those who wish to present their work with Gemini data there will be a limited space for poster display. If you wish to present a poster, please inform this in the registration form below.

Registration Form:

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